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  • Attorney Marketing – [How To Generate More Leads]

    Generate Leads for Attorney Marketing
    In today’s world, if a personal injury attorney wants to generate desirable leads and stand out, then he or she has to develop a strong personal injury attorney marketing strategy.

    This can be done by hiring a professional attorney leads expert. Our experts have years of experience and knowledge about what is required for lead generation for lawyers. They help attorneys by easily increasing attorney lead generation.

    Some tips for attorney lead generation:

    Re-launching - Re-launching is a useful tip because it helps to gain the attention of potential clients. However, this can't be a permanent solution for attorney lead generation as the excitement disappears after a certain amount of time.

    Virtual meetings - Virtual meetings on social networking sites such as Hangouts, Facebook, Skype or Google also help increase attorney lead generation. This helps in getting new clients and re-connecting with old clients. These dedicated leads can be later used as referrals for new clients.

    Social work - Social work by lawyers helps in earning the trust of clients because it shows they care about the community they are representing. Social work enhances a personal injury attorney's marketing strategy.

    Sharing proof of big wins - Personal injury attorney leads can be increased by showcasing victories and awards in court. This is a crucial part of any personal injury attorney marketing strategy because people want proof that you can produce results.

    Effective blogging – Writing and maintaining an effective blog results in attorney lead generation. Guest blogging expands attorney lead generation by exposing attorneys to previously untapped audiences.

    Cited as a source - It takes a lot of effort on multiple fronts to generate new leads, and being a source in a news story helps get your name out there. It results in an initial boost from people who read the news source, but then it also gives attorneys a credible linking opportunity to cite in future publications. These connections help in search engine ranking and intensifying personal injury attorney marketing.

    Being active on social media platforms – Constant activity on social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook helps individuals market published content. Content on Facebook or LinkedIn reaches a lot of audiences, especially the new generation of leads for personal injury attorneys.

    Legal podcasts - Legal podcasts can help in broadening your exposure and can create networking opportunities for personal injury lawyers.

    Google Adwords campaign

    Run a smart Google Adwords campaign

    One of the most effective ways to bring leads to your legal business quickly is through Google Adwords. This marketing tool will put your website in front of the eyes of search engine browsers for specific terms. At Attorney Marketing & Lead Generation Experts we specialize in creating Adwords campaigns that will lead to highly effective legal leads for attorneys.

    Adwords is particularly good for getting more visitors early on in the life of a website or a marketing campaign because it goes into effect within a day or two and results can be seen nearly instantly. There are few other marketing services that work as quickly or as easily, though it can be expensive to use Adwords compared to something like SEO.

    It’s often best to rely on Adwords specialists when putting a campaign in place. Adwords is a powerful tool, but only when used by trained professionals. It’s too easy to spend more than necessary on clicks from visitors if you aren’t sure about what you are doing, and if the wrong keywords or search terms are optimized for, all the attorney leads generated from the advertising will fall short and lead to poor performance in the end.

    valuable content on your site

    Create valuable content on your site

    One of the most important steps to take to start to generate attorney leads, and to build a foundation that will lead to consistent leads in the future is to create high-quality content for your website. This content should be designed to help answer important questions that visitors have about your business and services that relate to your company. The answers should be short and to the point and should help point visitors towards your business as well. Legal leads for attorneys aren’t easy to generate, but good quality content will help with building up long-term referrals that would be much more expensive to create through other marketing tools.

    Valuable content positions your business as an expert in the industry, while also serving to bolster SEO efforts and leading to ranking for important search terms in the future. These two benefits work together to generate attorney leads and create plenty of opportunities for law firms to increase in profit and outreach over time. Top quality content won’t improve the value of your company initially, but it’s one of the most valuable improvements that can be made to your business website over the long term, eventually all of that content will be working harder for the business than most other marketing techniques that you could use to get legal leads for attorneys, and that’s the whole point.

    Use retargeting campaigns

    Even with well-optimized marketing campaigns, only a small number of the visitors to your website will convert into actual customers, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Sure many of your attorney leads won’t turn into customers immediately, but retargeting is a powerful technique that can help you improve your success with website visitors.

    Retargeting is a powerful technique that lets you follow website visitors after they leave your site and move on to something else across the internet. A small browser cookie is given to your visitors as they come to your website, and that little bit of code allows advertisements to be given to them specifically in different areas around the internet, including on Google. Over time, as you follow around people that are familiar with your brand and the products that you offer, you’ll generate attorney leads thanks to proper retargeting. It’s one of the most successful forms of advertising, and it helps improve the return on investment of your other marketing investments as well. There are few other techniques that offer as much benefit as retargeting does, and that’s why it’s worth considering.

    Improve intake process

    Improve intake process

    Taking basic leads and converting them into long-term or effective and profitable paying customers isn’t always easy to do. All those legal leads for attorneys have expectations, and sometimes they will move away to another client if you aren’t meeting their expectations. One of the best ways to ensure that you and your potential customers are happy with the services that you have to offer.

    Create a robust intake form for interested clients to fill out. This form should get the most important information that you need to qualify the customer as a real client that you’re going to do work with, and it should help you learn exactly what they are looking for as well. This process should be quick to go through, simple and easy to understand, but it needs to cover all the important questions.

    Once the attorney leads go through this process you should sit down with them and discuss their case or their needs in more detail and record all that information as well, but you should never move on to that point until after they’ve passed your initial intake process. By going through these steps with all your new clients you’ll know how you can best help them and you should be able to improve their experiences with your business.

    Use videos to improve conversion rates

    Videos are becoming a major part of most modern-day websites. Customers want to watch videos for products. They want to hear from members of the company to learn about whether or not they should invest in services, and it’s important to try and incorporate videos into your website to help generate attorney leads for your business. With a few short videos introducing you, your company, the services that you offer, and offering helpful advice, you can go from a website that visitors don’t respond to, to a site that creates real attorney leads to time and time again. It’s a simple investment, but it’s an important one.

    It’s best to create the videos yourself, or to have a member of your team get involved with the videos and to have them recorded by a professional. This work gives you a powerful platform to connect with your visitors, and it lets you convey whatever message you want to your visitors in a simple way. There are no better options for making your website profitable and enjoyable to use than to rely on videos. Legal leads for attorneys aren’t that difficult to generate with the right approach, and we always advise our clients to add in videos where they can to improve the flow and style of their sites.

    clients to review your law firm

    Ask clients to review your law firm

    Since attorneys depend on potential customers trusting them, they rely heavily on reviews and positive feedback to sell their services to prospective clients. That’s why it’s so important to encourage your existing clients to leave reviews for your company. The more positive reviews you have, the easier it is going to be to generate attorney leads. Legal leads for attorneys result in more business, so they are worth investing in.

    Offer prize raffles, give discounts, reward your current customers for leaving you honest reviews in some way, and you’ll be amazed at how many reviews pop up on the major reviewing websites. Strongly encourage reviews to be left on sites like Yelp, but also try and get some up on your social media page and anywhere else that your business might be found. The more positive reviews you have out there on the internet, the more likely new people are going to discover your business and see it as a positive one to trust, and that is where many of your attorney leads are going to come from.

    Use email marketig

    Use email marketing

    Finally, you really need to leverage the power of email. Most people today have an email address and a large majority of the people you’ll do business with check their email on a daily or at the minimum weekly basis. If you can get on their radar through email, you’ll improve your success rate with these people and increase the total amount of business that you get.

    Start your email marketing campaign by getting visitors to opt into an email offer and to be put in your weekly newsletter. After you build up a decent list of interested visitors, you can use that list to promote your services, transform interested visitors into paying customers and to really increase the total value of your services and your business overall.

    Send out useful information at the same time every week to your newsletter, and once and awhile toss in an offer for your business that’s hard to refuse. The readers that need the service you are offering will jump at it, and everyone else will move on and enjoy the rest of the content that you provide them with. Email marketing is a powerful way to keep your business in the back of the heads of possible legal leads for attorneys, and over time you’ll generate additional traffic and business through a simple email campaign. Here at Attorney Marketing & Lead Generation Experts, we can help you develop the ideal email campaign and put out emails that will actually result in paying attorney leads. With the simplest email marketing campaign, you can go from missing out on dozens of potential customers, to cashing in on them and making thousands more through your business every single month.

    It’s not difficult to generate attorney leads when you know exactly what you’re doing. At Attorney Marketing & Lead Generation Experts we’ve been helping attorneys do just that for decades. We can help push your growing company to the top of your industry and will give you even more suggestions of ways that you can help your company stand out from the rest.
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