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  • Best Facebook Marketing For Attorney Lead Generation


    What are Facebook Ads?

    Facebook ads are created on Facebook for businesses to get leads and connect to their customers using a paid media budget. Facebook ad content can will usually appear on the news feed, using high targeting, so it shows up if the business is relevant to you. Facebook offers highly targeted ad options for businesses.

    Harness the power of Facebook advertising

    Did you know that about 80% of all the world's internet users use Facebook? The platform has users of different age groups, in different locations, with different interests, and it doesn't stop there. You can definitely find your potential audience here! There are billions of users active on Facebook each day, and harnessing this market is one of the key things to Facebook advertising.

    Make the most out of targeted advertising with Facebook

    A huge benefit of Facebook advertising is that it can narrow down to specifics and reach your exact audience. Isn't that great? Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising. You can advertise to people based on their age group, interests, behavior, and geographical location. Facebook is also a great way to engage with this audience as you advertise to them.

    Do Facebook Ads really work?

    Yes! Facebook ads really work and we can vouch for that. As digital and social media marketing experts with specialists on our team for Facebook adverts, we can promise that Facebook ads would give you results. Facebook gives you highly targeted ads with a low cost per click on each ad, and that’s a great option when you’re looking to get attorney leads.

    Facebook advertising is the affordable for any business

    A great perk of Facebook advertising is that it is an extremely affordable form of advertising. It is definitely way better than spending money on radio ads, tv commercials, billboards, print media like newspapers and magazines, and others. With Facebook advertising, you can just reach your targeted audience rather than an uncertain mass like traditional advertising.

    What is the best type of Facebook ad?

    Facebook ad platform is great, and as a social media expert we suggest using their platform as part of your advertising campaign. The Facebook Ads Manager allows you to create ads with different formats. However, we suggest that you have an expert to do this right.

    Reach your audience quickly with Facebook advertising

    Facebook advertising is fast, meaning that you could get quick results, and we mean almost instantly sometimes! You could reach hundreds of people in your local area today with just a single ad. If you need quick results, and a promising set of leads and conversions for your business, Facebook ads are the way to go.

    Boost your brand awareness using Facebook

    When you use Facebook advertising, you will also be building up the image of your brand as a branding exercise, and this will lead to brand awareness. People will now know who you are and what you offer and have you in their minds when the need occurs. When people are familiar with your business, it is so much more easier for them to take a decision with you when the time comes.

    Boost your website traffic using Facebook

    You can also increase your web traffic with Facebook, in addition to using Search Engine Optimization and search engine marketing with Google Ads. Facebook ads can be formatted to run as a website ad where people would have to click to get on to your website, thereby boosting web traffic. Including Facebook in your marketing plan along with SEO and Google Ads can do wonders for your web traffic and ultimately for your business.

    What is a better choice - Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

    Facebook ads and Google ads are both great advertising choices. However, they both come with their differences. They differ in terms of advertising styles and also come with different formats. Both Facebook and Google have great benefits when being used as an advertising platform. Facebook targets users based on likes, interests, and other demographics. Google mainly targets based on search keywords and location. As an attorney leads expert, we’d suggest both Facebook as well as Google ad platforms for advertising.

    Measure the success of your ad campaigns with Facebook

    With Facebook advertising, you need not play the guessing game of what works and what doesn't. Facebook lets you measure the success or loss of your campaigns which helps you further improve your existing and future marketing campaigns on Facebook. With Facebook's reports, you can see how many impressions, clicks, and conversions you are receiving. You can also track conversions linked from Facebook ad campaigns to your website. This is something an expert can help you with.

    Engage with your website visitors on Facebook

    Has this ever happened to you - you visit a website and then sometime later, you see an ad from the same website on Facebook? This is an expert advertising strategy known as re-marketing. With re-marketing, you can advertise to people who have recently visited your website, through various advertising channels that you are present on. So if someone has visited your site and didn't make a purchase, didn't generate a lead, didn't convert, or engage with you in any way, you can follow them around by re-markting your site.

    Build engagement with your business using Facebook advertising

    A great strategy to maintain your relevant and online presence is to build engagement with your audience online. These refer to the likes, comments, and interactions on your Facebook ads. It is extremely important to have engagement as a business because it establishes a stronger connection between your brand and your target audience. When people engage with your page on Facebook, a connection is being developed so the more you engage with them, the stronger this connection will be.

    Build your database using Facebook ads

    Email marketing is still relevant and can bring in success when you do it right. Using Facebook's “lead ad” format is very helpful to get leads with your Facebook ads online because it requires users to fill in their details such as emails, and sometimes even a phone number. This can help build your database for promotional email marketing as SMS marketing.

    Experience real-time advertising when you use Facebook

    Unlike the traditional sources of marketing like print media, newspapers, magazines, and so on, Facebook advertising is real-time. You can monitor your campaign real-time and see how its faring online. If the results aren't what you wanted, you can even modify the campaign better. With print or tv ads, you face a loss if your advertising doesn't succeed and you cannot monitor it's results real-time.

    Your competitors are using Facebook to advertise their business

    Try to search for keywords related to your business on Google. What do you see? Are you on the search listings prominently, if not at all? Or do you see your competitors taking the limelight on the search listings space? You now understand that you need to be on that space, and right on top, if you want to stay ahead of the game and boost your business.

    Will Facebook Ads give me results?

    Yes, Facebook ads can give you the results that you want. This is guaranteed only when it is done right, and for that, you will need an expert to work on your Facebook ad campaigns. It takes experience to know what ad format would best fit your business to help you get the results that you need. Facebook ads are targeted, which is great because you can narrow down your audience easily based on interests, likes, and other demographics.

    Paid marketing is the only way to go with Facebook

    Facebook has no organic reach, that's close to impossible unless you have a few people intently following your page. If you want your social media presence on Facebook to be strong, then you have to use Facebook advertising and allot a paid media budget in your marketing plan. Facebook advertising is a very important part of social media strategy these days.

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