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    What is Google AdWords?

    Google AdWords is a targeted method of advertising for a business, and is also very trackable. Google AdWords is also known as Google Ads, and the advertising platform allows businesses to bid on keywords so that their clickable ads appear on Google’s search results. The ad copy and keywords that go into creating a good Google Ad is usually developed by a professional who knows the ways of working of Google Ads and has relevant experience.

    Google Ads are incredibly effective

    “What is Google AdWords” and "Is Google AdWords expensive?" are some common questions about Google AdWords that one would generally search for on the internet, especially when they're on the lookout for Google Ads or Google marketing. This means many business owners have heard about Google AdWords or Google Ads, but they aren't sure about how to use it or where to even begin. Google Ads is undoubtedly one of Google’s best services yet, being a highly successful pay per click (PPC) system for online advertising with flexibility to suit any kind of business there is.

    How is Google AdWords different from SEO?

    When you opt for SEO for your website, you will have to go through a time period of setting up your website and optimizing it to have an online presence. This involves an investment and time commitment before you can see actual results such as traffic on your website. By using Google AdWords, however, you skip the time waiting period and simply pay every time people click on an ad to go to your website. It’s a faster way to get web traffic by using highly targeted advertising strategies.

    Benefits with Google Ads

    Using Google Ads naturally requires time and money like any other advertising platform out there, but the benefit with choosing Google Ads is that you can get the best return on investment possible, and today numerous clients, even ours, are witnesses to that benefit. We, as a marketing agency notably for attorney marketing and leads, believe that using Google Ads can give you maximum benefits.

    What is a Google AdWords campaign?

    A Google AdWords campaign is made up of strategies that help you create effective Google ads which can reach your potential clientele online. A good Google AdWords campaign includes writing good ad copy, generating relevant keywords, building a good campaign strategy, setting up conversion tracking, and understanding your advertising objectives according to your business.

    Why do I need an agency to handle my Google AdWords campaigns?

    You may not be well versed with all the features that Google AdWords has to offer and that’s okay. That’s why we have experts on board to help you with your Google ads. In order to avoid losses, risky experiments with ads, and things that could affect the business, it’s best to let an agency handle your Google Ads. An agency can help you by building a good campaign structure and and setting it cost effectively so that you only see benefits with your Google Ads.

    Make Google Ads a part of your marketing plan

    Before you assume that Google Ads are just enough to get your business going, let us make it clear that a good marketing plan needs marketing presence on various online advertising platforms to make a successful campaign. While we aren't saying that using the pay per click route isn't good enough, we'd like to emphasize that additional advertising platforms along with Google Ads can really boost your marketing strategy.

    Let us build your online marketing strategy

    As an agency with plenty of experience, we can safely say that we can build you a marketing strategy that will see results. We recommend a good balance of advertising platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google Ads, as well as organic marketing like search engine optimization for your business's website. How you choose to split your marketing budget among these various advertising channels is important, as each of these platforms can offer their own benefits.

    Google Ads is very easily scalable

    A problem that most businesses face is finding leads that they can scale, most leads lead to a dead end which leave the business at a loss with the marketing costs used. On Google, you can get leads effortlessly. Since the leads on Google Ads are so scalable, many businesses spend thousands of dollars on Google Ads on a yearly basis. The best part is, when you increase your pay per click budget, you also increase your quality of leads.

    Is Google AdWords cost effective?

    Yes! Google AdWords is cost effective for any type of business whether you’re a small start up or an established enterprise. There are several ways to use it and scale up on advertising based on how big your business is. Google AdWords lets you advertise to millions of people online who are looking for your services. Google Ads work as a pay per click strategy and can mostly be effective when seen to a relevant audience. And to get that right, you will need an expert to work on your Google AdWords campaigns.

    You can measure campaigns and results with Google Ads

    Traditional marketing mediums like print media and television ads aren't measurable because we cannot calculate how many people have viewed them and responded to them, therefore we can't calculate the results of the ad campaign. Google Ads, however, is one of the most measurable ways to track the success or loss of your campaign, and see how it is faring among your audience. Google Ads is transparent and shows you all your pay per click results so you can analyze if you're getting a great return on investment or not.

    Google Ads can work faster than Search Engine Optimization

    When your business is new, or yet to gain visibility online, it can take a long time for you to see results that come purely out of SEO. With Google Ads you can quickly boost your sites visibility by doing search engine marketing and running a Google Ads campaign which will get you impressions and clicks almost instantly. Since it works super fast, it's a great module to experiment with and also see if your site fares better with search engine marketing or organic search.

    Why you should use Google Ads and pay per click advertising

    Google's ad formats definitely allow your potential audience to engage with you better compared to organic search results. There are plenty of ad formats available on Google, each with it's own benefit, cost effective, and simple for any business to try when they want to experiment what ad format works best for their brand.

    Google Ads can give you website traffic and conversions

    What's better than web traffic that will actually result in conversions? Most websites are constantly receiving traffic with the help of SEO and Google Ads, but these leads don't actually convert. Google Ads can give you web traffic that will actually result in conversions since it is a highly targeted form of advertising. Using paid search will result in your website having targeted traffic, who are looking for your business with purpose.

    Google Ads is a great accompaniment with your other marketing channels

    Google Ads can really work wonders when paired with your other marketing channels in your marketing plan. We suggest the use of more than one marketing channel when advertising your business because re-marketing is very powerful across advertising channels, and will show your ads to targeted people who have an interest in your business. With Google Ads re-marketing, you can track visitors who have engaged with your ads, visited your site, and so on, so your ad will follow them across all your marketing channels.

    Your competitors use Google Ads and so should you

    We don't mean to be persuasive or sound like peer pressure, but to stay ahead in business, if everyone's doing it, you should too. Your competitors stay ahead by using Google Ads and boosting their business online. Research shows that sites with paid marketing have a higher revenue rate and a large percentage of businesses spend on paid marketing. Like we said, it is work every penny and it is an investment you should make.

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