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  • How Does Your Law Firm Measure Up Against Your Competition?

    Today, there is no dearth of information or access to legal help. The internet is full of lists of the best leads for attorneys and attorney leads experts. But what really sets you apart from your competition is how you differentiate your firm from other attorney leads experts practicing in the same field. The only thing that will differentiate you from your competition is the unique services that you will provide, whether you will listen to them, and if you have a reputation for representing clients well as an attorney.
    Therefore, attorney leads experts say that it is crucial to establish key service practices that serve to distinguish you from your competition. What is it about your service, your approach, your ideology that sets you apart from the competition? As the competition in the market is stiff, you need to decide how you want to project your firm in a way that will ensure a client would choose your firm over that of your competitors.

    1. Drawing out your plan
    The key to creating an effective firm is exploiting your skill sets to your advantage. Begin by looking at your collective and individual skills and areas of interest. There may be one area that you and your team like exploring more than others. Identify it. This serves as one of the best leads for attorneys in a law firm.
    Ask yourself questions like:
    - What are the services your firm offers?
    - What are your group’s specialties when compared to your competition?
    - Using an attorney leads provider explore how has your service provision been lately.
    - Who is your closest competition?
    -How would an attorney leads expert help your firm?

    2. Identify the competition
    Conduct a very close and critical study of your competition. Break down their process step by step. Find out how they service their clients. Using attorney leads providers, access their published papers, office location, research the partners of the firm.
    Ask yourself
    - Who are the top law firms in the area and how do they get business?
    - What areas of coverage are missing in the market and what can your firm do about it?
    - In what ways are you servicing your clients better than your competitor?

    3. Consider a specialization
    If you find a pattern in your business and are considering specializing in a particular field, it is helpful to identify your strengths and hire according to the specialization you are choosing. An attorney leads expert will be able to identify people with backgrounds that will add credibility to your business.

    4. Receive feedback from your clients
    Besides an attorney leads provider, your clients can offer you the best feedback that your firm needs. Ask them what made them pick your firm over others in the market. Ask your clients what they are looking for in a firm, and what makes them continue with a firm. This even serves to create a bond of trust between you and your client as you are expressing an interest in their experience as your client and serves as a great attorney leads provider.
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