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  • How To Get New Clients To Your Criminal Defense Law Firm

    Criminal law, while not always the most lucrative practice, is important work. If you are a criminal defense lawyer you likely have chosen this field because you love your work.

    If you are running a law firm or are a solo criminal defense lawyer, getting clients is a large priority.

    There are ways to market your practice far and wide through attorney lead generation so that you get potential clients whose case you can take on. Attorney lead generation likely will be the most expensive part of marketing your criminal defense law firm, but it is well worth the investment.

    A criminal law attorney can turn to advertising, social media marketing, posters and other sources for generating leads.

    Here are few tips that help a criminal law attorney get clients:

    1.Be fast! The faster you respond to a lead, the more likely you are to convert it. And we’re talking minutes here, not hours.

    2. As a criminal defense attorney, you should be a good listener. There will always be time to talk about yourself, but first, make sure you need to know what the prospective client wants or needs.

    3. Know yourself. Know what makes you unique. Be prepared to explain why the prospective client should hire you instead of the numerous other choices.

    4. You might have a few “one call closes”, but that’s the exception. Be prepared to put in work to earn a client.

    5. Baby steps. In other words, the first close is to get a face to face meeting.

    6. Foster a relationship and follow up! Even “bad” leads can turn into clients eventually.

    7. You paid for a lead, so you might as well use it. There are numerous ways to follow up.

    8. As long as you genuinely care about the prospective client, your follow-ups will be meaningful and appreciated.

    9.Understand that you will not close every lead (or even most leads). You don’t close everyone who calls your office. You don’t close everyone who visits your website. You don’t close everyone you meet at a networking event. So don’t expect to close every lead you buy from a service provider. Track your numbers and make sure you have a good ROI. If, as a criminal law attorney, you are making more than you’re spending on criminal attorney lead generation, you’re doing something right.
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