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  • Lead Generation Service Helps Personal Injury Attorneys

    Lead generation is when a company identifies and cultivates potential customers for their products or services. Lead generation is gaining momentum for a lot of lawyers. Lawyers don’t have much time to advertise or market their own work because they spend so much time in court representing their clients. They are enlisting lead generation services to help with getting their businesses promoted online.

    Lead generation for lawyers is more of an initiation of customer’s inquiries and interest into the services of that lawyer. The advertisement type can either be a non-paid source or an organic search result.

    Lead generation for lawyers may come from various sources and activities, such as personal referrals; digitally, via the internet, using social media platforms; telephone calls, advertisements and emails. A lead is allotted to an individual to follow up on. Then the individual has to qualify the lead to be of potential business to the attorney after that lead is converted into opportunity.

    Competition for a personal injury attorney is always stiff. Getting a big case in this competitive environment is quite a difficult task and that’s when lead generation services help a personal injury attorney get a leg up on the rest of the competition.

    Lead generation firms take out large national and local campaigns to attract and target consumers in need of a personal injury attorney. What the lawyer needs to check on is that the business models to be distributed are up to the mark and the high cost associated with this type of marketing.

    There are two models in personal injury attorney marketing. One is the exclusive lead distribution model and the other is the non-exclusive lead distribution model.

    In the first model, one market area is allotted to one personal injury lawyer and the leads generated in that area are distributed to only that lawyer. This kind of model involves lots of cost to the lawyer, but also increases the chance of winning big cases. Under this model, the lawyer even provides some value added services like follow up and turning leads into business.

    The second model is one where a single area is allotted to a number of lawyers and leads generated therein are distributed among them on a rotation or competition basis. The advantage associated with this model is that it is fairly inexpensive. However, this model does not include value added services being provided.

    Lawyers need to educate themselves about the most important aspects of their firm before taking attorney lead generation services. This involves gaining knowledge about client conversion rates. This can be checked by comparing new data with older data. Also figure out what case fees are in a typical personal injury case and whether the investment into lead generation services is even worth it.

    There is a lot more to lead generation for lawyers than meets the eye.
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