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What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is property created by using human intellect. There are several areas of intellectual property. They include:
- Trademarks (for logos and brands)
- Copyrights (for software, database, etc.)
- Patents (for product, services or new technology), etc.

What is intellectual property law?
After knowing about intellectual property, next comes intellectual property law. Intellectual property or copyright law was made to protect and safeguard people’s property. There are several areas of this intellectual property law like:

Copyright law
Copyright law prevents others from copying your work related to writing, software skills, entertainment purposes or fine arts. This law prohibits others from copying, presenting or displaying your work as theirs without your permission.

Patent law
This law protects others people from copying your innovation concerning new products, inventions or designs. The patent owner has the right to prevent users from using, importing or distributing their licensed product. This right can be mortgaged or leased at the owner’s permission in exchange for fees.

Trademark law
Trademark law essentially prevents someone from using your trade signature, style or logo. Trademarks are used extensively for commercial purposes. For example, Apple’s logo cannot be used by other mobile or laptop companies because of trademark law.

What does an intellectual property lawyer do?
Intellectual property lawyers are needed to prevent the deliberate use of your content which comes under copyright law. An intellectual property lawyer guides you through the legal process and represents your company in court.

First and foremost, the lawyer takes into consideration whether your property is reproduced, distributed or displayed by some other source without your permission. They also make sure the copyright holder enforced your rights correctly.

An intellectual property lawyer will also consider protecting your intellectual property with proper registration to protect it from misuse. If someone has used your intellectual property without your permission, give us a call.

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