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Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

Digital Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers

Generating leads and designing marketing campaigns for personal injury attorneys is how we got our start in this business. We've got real-life experience and real data to help streamline the entire process of getting you up and running with new incoming leads for your personal injury law firm


SEO for Personal Injury Attorneys

Starting with law firm website SEO is the easiest way of setting up your website for effective attorney lead generation. We know precisely the types of clients personal injury lawyers want to attract based on the areas of their law practice.

SEO for Personal Injury

Whether you're searching for medical malpractice injury leads, auto injury accident leads, boating injury accident leads, RV injury accident leads, or others, we have the experience and data to make immediate impact to your lead generation and incoming intake flow. 


Personal Injury Lawyer SEO

It starts with creating a content road-map targeted at the type of cases you want your law firm to attract. Doing this step correctly makes everything else a whole lot easier. Contact us today for a demonstration.


Personal Injury Attorney Marketing

Its really not that hard once you have clear understanding how SEO, website content, and marketing channels compliment each other.


Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing

We can implement lead generation strategies that specifically attract personal injury cases that deal with accidents and injuries of any nature. We have a clear understanding that typically personal injury lawyers get involved when an auto accident occurs, a doctor misdiagnoses an illness, bad side effects from a prescription drug occurs, someone is injured by a defective product, or another cause. 


Personal Injury Attorney SEO

Because of our high level of understanding of the personal injury space, we know exactly how to write content for your website and where to place your ads to capture potential cases when your services are needed most.

Get $100 in free leads! Access to exclusive leads! No contracts!

We realize these cases can lead to huge financial settlements or judgments, often involving insurance companies. We'll carefully locate your ads to deliver the best ROI to your marketing budget.

We know personal injury lawyers usually work for contingency fees, meaning they only take a percentage of the money they recover in court, so every potential lead or personal injury case counts.

For these reasons, it is important you choose a marketing and lead generation partner who truly understands your business.

A few reasons your practice should be using attorney marketing and lead generation experts to find your personal injury attorney leads and personal injury leads are that there are nearly 6.5 million auto accidents in the United States of America every year. In addition, slips and falls account for about one million hospital emergency room visits every year. Finally, there are between 15,000 and 19,000 medical malpractice suits brought against doctors every year. What that tells us is that there is plenty of opportunity to develop personal injury attorney leads and personal injury leads, and we are the ones that can do that for you.

It stands to reason that that there are millions of personal injury cases in need of experienced and qualified attorneys to help them either reach a settlement, or take their claim to court. You should not be missing out on these lead opportunities, as all you need is the right company to develop your personal injury attorney leads and personal injury leads, we are that company.

Get $100 in free leads! Access to exclusive leads! No contracts!

And we have already stated that our company can implement lead generation approaches that specifically attract personal injury cases that deal with accidents and injuries of any nature. While we are a marketing firm, we are very clear that in most cases, personal injury lawyers will get involved when an accident occurs. Because we have a good understanding of the personal injury world, it puts us in a unique position to develop personal injury attorney leads and personal injury leads. We know how to penetrate that market.

We want to help your company be the best it can be, to represent its clients with quality and devotion, to bring the kind of results they need to live a full and whole life. We want to help you develop those leads!

Finally, we know that these kinds of cases involve large amounts of money, and getting those personal injury attorney leads and personal injury leads means we can help the most people by ensuring they go with a skilled and engaged firm like yours; it’s the best way for us to help. For these reasons, it is important you choose a marketing/lead generation partner who knows your business and can generate for you the widest and best set of personal injury attorney leads and personal injury leads. We can help you do that.

Contact us today to learn more. Our consultations are free and there is no obligation to purchase.

Personal Injury Marketing

Legal professionals need to always be marketing their services to stay in business, especially when it comes to personal injury attorneys. Most personal injury clients only need help once or twice, so you’ll need a fresh flow of new clients coming in to stay in business. That’s why it’s so important to understand personal injury attorney marketing and how to do it effectively. The below guide should explain the important information involved and how you can make it work for your company.


Types of Personal Injury Leads

There are many different types of personal injury attorney leads that you should be aware of when trying to enhance your marketing efforts and draw in new potential clients. The type of lead that you are dealing with is important because some people are interested in making purchases, while others would just like a bit of information and aren't interested in actually using your services.

Cold Leads

These are the visitors that come to your website and aren't interested in making a purchase at all. They might be trying to learn a specific bit of information, or they might believe that your website is something other than what it actually is. These are the types of leads that you want to avoid paying for because they rarely convert into actual paying customers, and they are very difficult to convert.


Marketing Qualified Leads

These attorney leads are the ones that made their way to your website through a piece of marketing material. Website visitors that click on a paid advertisement or visit your website because of radio ads would fit into this category. These personal injury leads already know something about your services, but will want more information and may not be ready to make a purchase just yet.


Unqualified Leads

These are all the random leads that come to your website that you don't know much information about at all. It's difficult to say whether or not they are going to meet the requirements to be a high-quality customer for your business, which is why you should try to take the time to learn more about them before spending money trying to convert them. These leads often come from social media or search engines for random search terms.


Sales Ready Leads

There is some personal injury leads to attorneys that will come to your website knowing what services they want and they help that they want to obtain. These are some of the easiest visitors to convert into actual customers and they are the leads that you want visiting you the most. At Attorney Marketing & Lead Generation Experts we do our best to bring our customers these sort of leads whenever possible. They are much more valuable than the random visitors other marketing techniques might bring in, which is why our customers are happy to keep working with us in the future.


Sales Opportunities

There are some visitors that come to your website that are already ready to make a purchase, though they might not want to make a purchase immediately. It's important to get these leads to your website as soon as possible so they can come to associate you with the services that they intend to purchase. Exclusive attorney leads that fit into this category could just as easily lead for your competitors, which is why good marketing services are so valuable, they literally help bring you paying customers that are going to make a purchase with or without you.

The Best Way To Get Personal Injury Leads

Personal injury leads are extremely important to a personal injury firm, which is why it’s so important to know how to generate those new leads. Below are a few different ways for you to generate new leads, read through the list to learn what you should be doing.


Making Use of SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the best methods for lead generation for attorneys. It's a powerful tool for creating attorney leads because it's highly affordable to make use of. SEO can help create exclusive attorney leads that can be used to help lawyers sell services more effectively.

Maximizing Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for personal injury attorneys today and when used properly it can be a useful method for personal injury lead generation. Make use of the platform properly and you’ll have personal injury leads pouring into your site week after week. Social media should be used to create connections with new people that may or may not need your services. Over time, as you increase the number of connections your company has, and you offer useful information and helpful answers to enough people, you’ll end up bringing in some new customers.

Social media is a platform for you to provide information to people that could become personal injury leads for attorneys, but it’s also an area for past customers to talk about your services. You’ll generate some very helpful reviews through social media, and you won’t be talking about the personal injury leads wanted any longer after you take on this approach for a while. Many attorneys today use social media extensively to increase their business success, and it could work well for your personal injury office as well.


Leveraging Email Marketing

Email marketing is another effective way that you can build up the success of your business further and generate more exclusive attorney leads. By offering something useful and getting visitors to sign up for your email newsletter, you can put your most desirable services in front of hundreds or thousands of people each time you have something to offer. You’ll be able to launch new services more easily, you’ll be able to keep in the mind of potential clients for longer as well, which means when they do need personal injury services, you’ll be the one that they call. If you’re looking to generate attorney leads over the long term, email marketing is one of the simplest ways for you to do that.


Website Optimization

Finally, it’s really important to rely on website optimization to get as many personal injuries leads as you can. You want your website to be easy to use, and you want it to be something that will show up in the search results. SEO efforts, layout changes, better navigation and more obvious information panels on your website will all aid your efforts. Professionals can help you with personal injury lead generation, and one.

Why is the internet perfect for personal injury lawyers?

The internet is a powerful marketing platform for most business today, but it makes perfect sense for personal injury lawyers in particular. It’s a powerful tool for personal injury attorneys because exclusive attorney leads are so easy to generate for this particular branch of law.

Most people suffering from personal injuries are highly motivated to seek out help, and they will be actively looking for it online.

By having the right presence you’ll connect with those interested people very easily. Between the interested leads and cost-effective marketing benefits of the internet, it just makes a lot of sense to rely on.

Highly Interested Leads

The internet is an ideal place for personal injury lawyers because it is full of people looking for help. They go to the internet the minute they realize they have a problem that needs solving. That’s an excellent solution when looking to generate personal injury leads for attorneys. These visitors are highly motivated. Creating top-notch attorney leads isn’t difficult in the personal injury sector online, because most people that search for information about personal injury are already pretty much personal injury leads to attorneys. They are ready to get the help that they need and are willing to click through for attorney services.


Cost Effective Marketing Solution

The internet is an ideal place for lead generation for attorneys because it’s just so affordable compared to other marketing methods out there today. Investing a few thousand into a solid campaign for personal injury lead generation could be all that you need to do to keep your business going for years. Exclusive attorney leads will keep coming long after you pay for online marketing services, and that’s what makes it such an excellent investment. While radio ads, billboards, and other marketing tools fade in effectiveness as soon as you stop paying for the services, the same isn’t true for internet marketing. Your website will continue to enjoy personal injury attorney leads for months after you pay your last marketing bill, and every single lead that you get during a period that you aren’t paying will make that initial investment just a little bit better until the value of your investment is very impressive.



Lead generation for attorneys isn’t as simple as it seems on the surface, and it actually takes quite a bit of work to get right, but with the right professional help you can really leverage what the internet has to offer for your business. At Attorney Marketing & Lead Generation Experts, we specialize in personal injury lead generation and can make sure you're getting the visitors that you’re looking for.