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Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

74% of consumers rely on social media to influence their hiring decisions. If your law firm isn’t present on social media, you’re missing the opportunity to build deeper relationships with potential clients.


Facebook Ads for Attorneys

Setting up Facebook ads for your law firm is easy. Setup is free and creating content is simple. If you need help and are unsure where to start contact us for a free consultation.


Facebook Marketing for Attorneys

Facebook Ad Manager and Instagram Ads are the lowest cost form of lead generation & online marketing for attorneys. The cost is too low for your law firm to not participate.

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers 

Our social media marketing experts will create and manage a social media campaign for your law firm that builds confidence by communicating your firm’s character and reputation to potential clients.


Our social media marketing services help lawyers attract new clients and increase referrals in a manner that complies with legal advertising ethics rules.

We start by conducting a social media and digital marketing assessment that is designed to identify and assess the most effective methods to attract your target clients through social media and online marketing. 


Facebook Advertising for Lawyers

We do 100% of the work so you don't have to. We'll develop a strategic plan for using your Facebook page, website, social media, search engine tactics, and digital marketing strategies that will attract and engage new clients for your firm. We then execute your social media and digital marketing plan to attract new leads and convert them into clients. 



Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

If you want to attract new clients from social media and online marketing, you need to have a plan.

We begin by conducting a social media and digital marketing assessment that is designed to identify your target clients.

Then we assess your current online marketing strategies, and explore potential avenues to attract new clients through social media and digital marketing for law firms.


Facebook Marketing for Lawyers

The campaign setup for your law firm's Facebook ads provide the road-map we can use for other social media channels. Law firm Facebook ads can be re-sized and re-written to compliment other social media efforts and re-purposed on your website for content continuity.


We'll assess your law firm’s current marketing initiatives, social media content, and website. 

We then determine the most effective strategies for your law firm Facebook marketing ads and develop new content designed exclusively for your law firm.

We work closely with you to develop your content strategy, photos, videos, and digital assets across your website and social media.

We ensure your website is optimized to attract and convert leads into clients, increase your search engine visibility, and develop the infrastructure to engage potential clients through social media content and email marketing. 


Training Your Legal Staff & Team

We can even help train your attorneys on how to leverage their personal social media profiles to engage new clients in a manner that complies with legal advertising ethics rules.

Effective execution is the key to consistent, high performance.

We execute marketing strategies for attorneys by developing innovative content designed to engage your target clients, creating social media content, and maintaining a robust engagement strategy to ensure that your profiles receive maximum exposure. 


Converting social media visitors into new clients for your law firm.

We also execute your digital marketing strategies to ensure that you are optimizing all available opportunities to attract new clients to your law firm website and convert them into clients.